Cowboy School

We're excited to offer this program at the Green Mesa Ranch.  Cowboy School will be a one day to five day program, that includes horsemanship, ranch roping, trail riding and working cattle. Safety is at the forefront of every activity with horse and rider.  If you don't have enough time for the five day program, Come be a "Cowboy" for a day on a real working ranch!

Johnny will initially assess your riding skills and work with you on your personal riding concerns individually.

Trail rides will be offered daily either on the Green Mesa Ranch or a short trailer ride to some of the most unique and beautiful trails on the western slope of Colorado.  The Green Mesa ranch borders thousands of acres of BLM land so they'll be plenty of trails to explore during your "Cowboy School" experience.

Cowboy School will begin in  late May. The total cost will be $1000 per person for the five day program.  A $300 deposit is required. Included in the price is AM and PM instruction and pens and water for your horses.  Johnny advises you bring your own hay that your horse is accustomed to eating; however, hay can be provided.  Trailer parking is available.

If you're a fisherman, bring your pole.  The Ranch offers quality fishing and is a great way to relax at the end of the day.

Accommodations of your choice are available in Gunnison (13 miles from the ranch), and a list can be found on  Cabins are also available at the QT Parlin store located .3 of a mile from the ranch.  Call Jack at (970) 641-0485 for lodging info.

Ranch Roping

Basics of RopingRanch roping will be taught in stages beginning with teaching you how to handle and swing a rope.  The next step will include roping a dummy steer on foot and progressing to roping the dummy steer from a dummy horse or from your own horse depending on your skill level.  Each individual is able to progress at their own pace, with no pressure from anyone in the group or Johnny as the group will be small and he can work with each student individually. 

Ranch RopingAs you become more proficient, we will progress to roping our new Heel-O-Matic, "Bodacious", a mechanical steer. The Heel-O-Matic is a valuable training tool for anyone learning to rope. Pulled by the four-wheeler, the steer is life size and simulates the movement of a live steer. He will instruct students on how to rope Bodacious from their horse without having the small window of time with live cattle that may start out too fast and end up too slow! We are able to practice over and over and set up any scenario without the stress horses experience during a live run.  Eventually we will progress to roping slow cattle from horseback.  

Cow Work

This is always one of the most popular activities at the ranch and my Border Collies and Corgi are looking forward to having some fun and helping you out! We will teach how to herd and drive cattle and have you participate in several "cattle" events including sorting and team penning.  Sorting cattleSorting cattle

Working Cattle on Green Mesa RanchWorking Cattle on Green Mesa Ranch